Bottle Cap Designs

Being a student from the University of Cincinnati, I bleed red. So much so that I got the idea to create a UC themed coffee table. I am an avid coke drinker, and conveniently coke caps come in shads of red, white, and black.

To begin, I laid a grid pattern over the UC paw-print emblem. This gave me the approximate layout for the caps. After I collected enough I began to layout the design on the floor. After some small tweaks and re-sizing, a final design was found. Most people set glass over the bottle caps, however I wanted a sturdier and more permanent solution. I decided embed the caps in bar top epoxy. For this reason I had to outline the table in 11/16″ deep trim. This gave me a ‘pool’ to which I could fill with epoxy.

After purchasing all the parts, and mounting the trim I moved the caps over to the table. It is very important to make sure each cap is individually glued down. Because they are hollow, they may begin to float once covered in epoxy.

Set aside some time for the epoxy process as it should not be done hastily.The instructions on the epoxy only allow 1/16″ to be poured at a time. After each layer is poured a blowtorch is passed above the surface to coax out any air bubbles.

After it was all done I was left with an amazing table. So much so that I could not bear to use it as a table for fear of it getting damaged! I ended up not putting on the legs and using it as a wall decoration. The final table had 544 bottle caps. The materials cost me a little over $100. If I had paid for each bottle of coke myself it would’ve cost me about $800 to create the table.